Manage Thanksgiving Indulgences: Your T-Day Circle

by Barry Hill

Let’s face it, if you have a challenging goal(s) that involves creating new habits, it doesn’t take a psyche expert to realize the advantageous act of identifying/recruiting others to share in the challenge with you—whether that equates to verbal support and/or experiencing the same challenges, there’s comfort and strength, sometimes literally, in numbers.

So let’s look at how this applies to arguably one of, if not THE best holiday of the year—Thanksgiving! What could be better than a holiday centered around FOOD?!  Unfortunately it’s a double-edge sword as the holiday can often result in the infamous over-indulging-induced food coma and maybe even some feelings of guilt. If this sounds all too familiar, use the power of your T-day circle. A few ideas are listed here, but no doubt, you can think of more:

  1. Discuss the menu and how to incorporate “dryer” options (less gravy and cream-intensive ingredients).
  2. Recruit your spouse, your children, grandchildren, in a half-time-get-outside-and-get-the-blood-flowing walk in the local park. If you’re more ambitious with your T-Day circle, register a group for the local Turkey Trot race (most facilitate 1mile, 5k and 10k options).
  3. Can’t get outside? Recruit the circle to the game room or basement for some Wii-fit or any free online workout video. You’ll find some good options at:,, and Or if you have a Netflix streaming account, checkout the exercise section of DVDs. If nothing else, YouTube is sure to offer something to your circle’s liking.

The point here is to get others in your T-day circle—family, friends, even just one other person—involved with you. Do a small amount of health-conscious planning ahead of time. Decide together how to tackle desserts (e.g. share a piece of pecan pie or have your own small piece minus the whipped cream). And decide how you’d like to incorporate some movement in the day besides plate-to-mouth bicep curls. And make it fun! Fit After Fifty would like to know what are your T-day circle plans this year?

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Faith November 21, 2012 - 6:57 pm

There’s just the two of us this year and we have decided to throw tradition out and eat healthy. Our menu – Chuck will butterfly and bbq a turnkey on the gas grill. Grilled sweet potatoes with a little butter and maybe a little maple syrup. Chuck’s not big on stuffing, so we are gong to skip and since we aren’t having mashed potatoes – no need for gravy. We will have a fresh fruit salad with Greek yogurt dressing with a little honey (skip the rolls) and pumpkin ice cream for dessert. We’ll get some good bread for turkey sandwiches on the weekend – but otherwise – NO LEFTOVERS.

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