It’s Not Rocket Science! 5 Ways to Revamp Your Diet for Better Nutrition

By Janet Luhrs,

I’m guessing you’ve tried many times to get on a clean, healthy eating plan. But sometimes the complexities and detailed food prep, not to mention the endless list of forbidden foods is overwhelming, isn’t it? Add to that the need to consider high protein, low carbs, good carbs/bad carbs, vegan, Paleo, GMO, and… well, don’t you sometimes just want to curl up in a ball and eat popcorn? Hold on – start with my simplified list of what’s good for you:

  • Eat Clean: Simply put, no to very little processed foods. Begin phasing those out in favor of foods in their most natural, fresh condition with few or no ingredients added
  • All carbs are not evil: Learn what “Skinny carbs” or “resistant starches” are and add them to your diet to help you get the important fiber needed for digestive health and also increase fat burning.
  • Water, water, everywhere: So DRINK it! Keeping your body well hydrated is the key to good internal health for many reasons. Icing on the cake is that drinking plenty of water is key to weight loss and a good metabolism.
  • Something is fishy: Get your omega-3 fatty acids, but get it safely. Seafood lower on the food chain is lower in toxic mercury, so focus on these: shrimps, wild and Alaska salmon, scallops, domestic tilapia, oysters, and domestic squid. Avoid farmed fish of all kinds.
  • Get nutty: Nuts and seeds are a great source of power-packed vitamins, calcium, vitamin E, minerals, protein, and fiber. Make sure to stay away from oil roasted and salted. Top on the list are almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, pine nuts, cashews, flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp, and sunflower seeds. Avoid peanuts as they tend to be high in the carcinogenic mold, aflatoxin and also are notoriously high in pesticides.

It doesn’t need to be that complicated to make a few changes and get you on the path to a cleaner, leaner you.  Adopt these 5 basic guidelines to start with. And DO think of these as guidelines, not rules or restrictions. Let us know how your changes are going and tricks you have found to give you success.

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