Is the Fitness Industry Leaving Seniors Behind?

by Barry Hill
Is the Fitness Industry Leaving Seniors Behind?

There’s the Fitbit and the Garmin, Daily Burn and CrossFit… the fitness technology and trending programs that are added to the mix change almost daily. These days, there are so many fitness trackers on the market that people need comparison articles to find the right one.

But in the midst of all of the growth and changes in the fitness industry, a huge market seems to be repeatedly left behind. Even though seniors are a high-yield audience for fitness technology and services, being that they need fitness for a longer and better quality of life, this demographic is mostly ignored.

It’s not just because technology is something they have to learn instead of being something ingrained in their lives since childhood. Today’s seniors and individuals who have just passed the 50th year threshold are somewhat engaged with technology. Many of them are more active than their kids are on Facebook, and most have a smart phone.

It’s also not because they are uneducated about the need to be healthy and fit as they age. Many are aware that fitness now means a longer, better life. Admittedly, some don’t recognize just how important fitness is, but they are not completely in the dark – they are simply unengaged. As a University of Michigan study found, many seniors over the age of 65 are often unwilling or unable to take advantage of innovations in fitness- and health-related technology.

While more awareness and more education could certainly have a strong impact toward improving these statistics, it seems that individuals over age fifty are ready and on the cusp of being a powerful force within the fitness industry. However, this group is largely overlooked in the industry’s marketing.

But while technology may be disregarding seniors in their marketing efforts, more and more celebrities over the age of fifty as well as everyday men and women are talking about how fitness has transformed their lives for the better. This heightened conversation serves to raise awareness and increase seniors’ health literacy. This kind of real-life inspiration is exactly the foundation of the Fit After Fifty movement!

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