International Inspirational EBook to Keep Playing

by Barry Hill
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Click on the image to view Leah’s Forever Athlete story, promoting FitBehavior for everyone.

Fit After Fifty heard word from Leah & Jarol Duerksen during their adventure in Thailand.  A couple months ago, they were presented an opportunity to teach English and play their beloved sport of ping pong with local high school students.   They jumped on it!  The following is from Leah, week one into their trip…

The first week  here in Thailand we were doing introductions before the welcome lunch.  I was moving around in the room so I could try to get pictures of everyone.  I moved close to one of the staff girls, Joy, from the Philippines, she leaned over and said, “Hi, Leah, I’m going to beat you!”  Later when we could talk, she told me that she had  professional table tennis training in her home country.  She continued, “I am 35 and had decided I am getting too old to play ping pong any more.”  Then guess what!  She watched my inspirational eBook and has decided she is not too old!

We have an appointment to play tomorrow afternoon.  I haven’t seen her play, she may beat me, but I will give her a good match, I’m sure.;)

We are having a great time.  We have fallen in love with our students.

Thanks for promoting sports for older people, it’s reaching into places I’ll bet you never dreamed it would reach!

Living the Dream!

**Complete FitBehavior Multimedia inspirational eBook coming this October**

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