How to Make Your Halloween Fitness-Friendly

by Barry Hill
How to Make Your Halloween Fitness-Friendly

Despite what it may seem, there are plenty of ways that you can stick to your workout regimen and focus on fitness this Halloween. In this blog post, you will find some of the top tips for how to make your Halloween fitness-friendly, and still fun.

Trick-or-treat goodies do not have to be made of processed sugars and unhealthy fats – there are lots of yummy treats that are actually healthy. Stay away from the Snickers®, and instead, snack on healthier treats such as naturally sweetened dried fruit, really dark chocolate, lightly seasoned nuts, etc. You will feel better, and won’t struggle with the crash that comes after eating processed sweets.

One great exercise opportunity for Halloween is to take your grandkids trick-or-treating. You’ll be giving your kids a break to relax, your grandchildren will love spending some special time with you, and you will definitely get a workout in as you keep up with their sugar-fueled energy. Everybody wins!

If you’re hosting an event, give your guests plenty of nutritional finger food in addition to the treats. Orange is the color of the night, so go for the orange bell peppers and carrots for dipping. Make little jack o’lantern fruit cups out of orange peels, googley-eyed deviled eggs, and other healthier Halloween bites. You can find more recipes and ideas on Pinterest.

Spread the fitness-friendly Halloween idea if you’re offering goodies to trick-or-treaters, too. While I wouldn’t advise skipping the traditional candies and sweets in total (you might experience some sugar-driven tantrums), perhaps provide the costumed kids a healthier choice, such as fruit leather. Stick to the pre-packaged items, and their parents will appreciate your efforts to keep their kids healthy and safe.

Do you have other tried-and-true methods for keeping your Halloween fitness-friendly? Please share them with us.

Good luck, and happy Halloween!


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