“A Nation of Walking Zombies” – How Important is Sleep to Your Health?

by Barry Hill

how important is sleep to your health

Are we really a nation of walking zombies? According to Dr. James (aka Jim) Maas, world-renowned sleep authority, 71% of American adults don’t get the recommended eight hours of sleep per night and our performance in all areas of life is suffering because of it.

It’s National Sleep Awareness Week!  Interestingly, the National Sleep Foundation’s focus this year is on the relationship between exercise and sleep.  

Do we need to exercise more to sleep better or vice versa? How how important is sleep to your health?

How do I make more time for exercise if that means cutting into my sleep?

Does sleep or the lack thereof affect my weight-loss goals?

Dr. James Maas

Fit after Fifty were fortunate to catch up with Jim for an interview addressing many of these questions regarding sleep and health in general.

Dr. Maas’ impressive CV:

– Studying sleep since 1969

–  Award-winning author and noted filmaker



Before you head off to bed to catch a few much-needed Zzzz’s, you can check out Jim’s fourth book Sleep to Win, co-authored by Haley Davis, which is currently available in electronic format. The printed version will be available starting March 15.

More info on Dr. Maas here.


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