Holiday Health – It Doesn’t Have to Mean Dieting

by Barry Hill
Holiday Health – It Doesn’t Have to Mean Dieting

With the holiday season upon us, we’re surrounded by opportunities to make good & healthy decisions that will echo throughout the upcoming year. You don’t need the New Year to be here to resolve to be healthy. We know the holiday season is rife with opportunities to indulge in delicious foods & beverages that are perhaps… not so healthy… and we tend to forego exercise in exchange for family time, parties, shopping & a few extra minutes in our comforter cocoon in the morning. Amid all the opportunities for choices that will negatively affect our health & fitness, is it possible to stay in the holiday spirit and stay healthy & have a positive attitude about fitness?

holiday healthy santaWith the family-centricity of the season, you can take the opportunity to inspire your family to be active & healthy throughout the holidays. Lead the charge this year by involving your family & friends in active holiday traditions. In the cold of the winter, we tend to hunker down inside with hot drinks & books, TV & movies (and we’re not saying those things are bad)—but there’s a lot that you can do with your family to keep moving while enjoying one another’s company.Make time with loved ones, active! Turn holiday traditions into an excuse to get the heart pumping, blood flowing & joints moving. Here are three ideas on how to infuse physical activity into your holiday to-do’s & events:

1. Take Christmas tree hunting from the parking lot to a tree farm or the mountains and make it a day—if you’ve ever cut down your own tree, you know that can be a workout. The walk through the woods or farm keeps you & the family moving and making memories at the same time.

2. Park the car & walk “snowflake lane”. Every town or city has that neighborhood with the fantastic Christmas light displays—some even have a few. Rather than doing the slow drive down the most festive street in town, put the car in park, get out with loved ones, and walk the stretch.

3. This one might take a bit of gumption—but we promise it’ll be worth it… you know that holiday party you’re going to? Take the initiative to turn it into a dance party! There’s no better way to share laughs & memories with friends, coworkers & family than to cut a rug with them.

This holiday season give the gift of a legacy of health & activity to your loved ones…and to yourself. There are SO many opportunities to be a catalyst to encourage those who matter to you the most to get active—and it goes both ways. Creating an active community around you is a great way to stay motivated throughout the holidays and have fun in the process.

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