Healthy Competition: Compete Only With Yourself

by Barry Hill

healthy competition

Most of us likely caught some of the action during this recent Olympic Games. These athletes are truly amazing specimens of the word athlete. And you know it’s safe to assume, they KNOW they’re very aware of their healthy competitionpossibly even what they eat for breakfast, how much sleep they get.

And yes they are technically “competiting” against these people to triumph on top. However, this healthy competition is more likely an internal healthy competition than it may appear. You know they know exactly what times, what weights, what distance, what (fill in the blank) is their current capabilitiy (the literal and/or metaphorical bar)…they have an acute understanding of personal measurement that they continue to improve.  Think about it, how else can I get better if I don’t focus on what do.

And if you’re just starting or re-starting your commitment to a fitter lifestyle, it’s no different. No harm in being aware of other people, asking questions, observing, learning…But when it comes to passing judgment on your own progress based on someone else’s progress, this is probably not a fair nor helpful course of action.  Why not try tracking what you did for a workout today?  And then do the same tomorrow, the next day and then next.  Only then you’ll be able to give yourself an honest assessment.

So don’t worry so much about what everyone else is doing.  If you don’t already, pretty soon, you’ll have your own good thing going on! Each and everyone of us has a special something within us, you just need to discover it. Remember, it may take months or even years to but no matter what you’re special!

Watch the interesting video below from Fit After Fifty to learn how other active people feel about de-emphasizing healthy competition.

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