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by Barry Hill

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As we’re getting ready to release the multimedia book, Inspire Your FitBehavior, we’d like to extend a big thank you out to all the individuals who have contributed and collaborated towards its production.  So many of you have played an integral role in its development.  We hope you’re excited as we are to share the final product!

How Healthcare Networks Help

Many of you have asked how you can participate in further promoting the Fit After Fifty message and movement.  Our response: your healthcare networks.  How can we reach the most people with the inspirational stories to inspire them to choose fitness for themselves?  Through you and your healthcare networks…More specifically, if you have contacts in the healthcare networks industry that may have an interest in inspirational fitness content for a wellness program or campaign, we’d be happy to talk to them!  More info on organizational use of the book is now listed HERE.

People are always welcome to participate in our ideas and concepts to make a better fitness choice in your life as well as many others. Remember, this book is about showing testimonials of real people age 50+ who have figured it out and who have they’ve overcome fears and excuse. If you are approaching 50 or beyond, seeking to live better, you are welcome to help. If you are seeking motivation to start, re-start or even maintain your level of fitness, the people featured in the book will trigger that motivation for you to take action. Everyone can do it. First step is to start!

If you personally would like to promote the book on your own site or organization’s site, we will offer a book badge once the book is available for purchase.

We thank you in advance for the support, so that we may continue developing new content to inspire more Fit After Fifty.

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