Great Fit Holiday Gift Idea For Him

by Barry Hill

fit holiday gift idea

On the 1st day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year again. Perhaps instead of the usual new sweaters, new socks, new tools, this year, give him something that will help keep him around longer, living better.

May we suggest the three-part Fit After Fifty holiday gift idea:

1) INSPIRATION:  Give him a copy of Inspire your Fit After Fifty: Real people. Real results. Real motivation.  SHOW him that he’s actually NOT the only one who struggles with becoming more fit and living a lifestyle to support the effort.  Give him the hope and encouragement through real stories to show him:  “If they can do it, you can too.”  Don’t force it. Inspire it!

2) COACHING:  Once he starts to become motivated to take action, finding a coach, whether it be online or in personal, is a great next step. Coaches (i.e. trainers) can help to establish goals, instruct proper programming and technique, as well as help keep him accountable, especially as he gets started. You may be skeptical of the online coaching, but think about it—it allows for convenience, privacy (or community interaction if so desired), as well as tracking to maintain and reinforce the commitment. Some good options:, as well as independent coaching options such as:

3) SUPPORTLet’s not discredit part three as any less important as one or two. On the contrary, we feel part three, which is YOU, being that support, that every-day motivator is an integral, irreplaceable piece to this fit holiday gift idea. And the fact that you’re reading this now…most likely, you’re already playing the supportive role. We all need someone in “our corner” helping us do what we need to do.

We hope that you and your partner enjoy our fit holiday gift idea.
Happy Holidays from Fit After Fifty!

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