Go-To Health and Fitness Blogs for Inspiration in 2015

by Alison McIrvin
Go-To Health and Fitness Blogs for Inspiration in 2015

Getting ready to tackle those New Years’ Resolutions? Prep your mind and body now with all the motivation, inspiration, new ideas, education, and sometimes just plain entertainment to get you on track to a 2015 rich with health and fitness. We have some go-to blogs that are providing some great, cutting edge information in the health and wellness industry. These blogs have useful, quality posts and tend to attract knowledgeable followers who in turn provide helpful links and content, creating a great, interactive community around fitness.


  • Mile Posts is the blog to go to for daily inspiration, motivational quotes, and running tips. This real time mom is personable and helps readers overcome roadblocks to success and get you out the door each day on your run.
  • Trail Running is for the … um.. trail runner, of course! You will find product reviews for all the cool new running toys, injury prevention and treatment, training ideas, race reports and relevant health and nutrition information. It’s a great resource for learning of trail races in your area and nation wide.
  • Strength Running is a great online resource for runners looking for coaching, injury prevention tips, and race training tips. The blog also provides a rich resource of free tools such as live Twitter Q &A with the “Coach”, workout printouts, strength and core routines, re-hab info, grocery shopping lists for real food, race training tips for PR’s and more. This site is your own personal running coach and supportive community online.


  • Precision Nutrition offers a great education on making healthy eating choices, understanding nutrients and our bodies’ needs without assuming the reader has a degree in nutrition. You will find a ton of resources and some really informative blog posts!
  • The Salt is NPR’s answers blog to questions on food trends, science and nutrition. All the things you wanted to know about carbs but were afraid to ask!
  • Fit Foodie Finds’ blogger Lee is a down to earth fitness lover who also loves food. She shares her tips on healthy living, free recipes, GREAT food pics (that she takes herself) and gluten free tips and recipes.

Strength Training

  • Girls Gone Strong’s mission is to empower and educate women in body and mind strength. You will find resources and tips on every weight lifting topic, recipes, nutrition education, a favorite book list and more.
  • Jason Ferrugia will inform, train, motivate, and relate to guys in their pursuit of fitness and strength training. In addition to leading strength training information, Jason provides his readers with nutrition education, equipment evaluation, and even men’s mid-life discussions.
  • Performance and Health by Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Eric Cressy will give you one of the industry’s top recognized professional coach’s advice and education. He includes YouTube links and detailed diagrams chock full of top tips and training advice.

Life Wellness

  • Luminosity News keeps you up on some great info for brain health. You will find resources to understand how the brain works, grows and how to keep challenging it to optimal brain health
  • Get Organized Wizard offers concise, information filled posts covering life management, time management, home organization, and business and technology. Think beyond home maker tips and you will come away with some great jewels, here!
  • Manifest Yourself is a wonderful journey into inspiration and optimistic living. You will find motivational quotes and daily encouragement to keep you on your road to health and wellness.

These are great places to start and each of these blogs has information packed links that connect you even more with others in the health and wellness community. Take advantage of the fabulous information and encouragement out there to keep you moving toward your healthful goals in 2015.

Featured photo source: Pixabay.com.


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Ravi Raveendran December 11, 2015 - 6:50 am

Hi Alison,
I came across your blog just now, and I just want to thank you for such an informative list. It will indeed help me become fitter and healthier this 2016. Have a great day!

Ala Fitness November 24, 2016 - 12:08 am

This is really an impressive and amazing post.
Thanks for sharing these great lists of blogs.
Enjoyed reading some and excited to check out the others.

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