Fun Ways to Get Moving

by Barry Hill
Fun Ways to Get Moving

From what I hear, a lot of people over age 50 don’t get very excited about a daily trip to the gym. Let’s face it, very few people of any age like that picture. But a healthy exercise routine doesn’t have to mean heading to the gym to spend an hour on the treadmill – in fact, that’s a very imbalanced and rather unhealthy routine. It’s better than nothing, but won’t really help you build strength, flexibility, or balance for your whole body.

There are plenty of fun ways to get moving, but here are a few of my favorite stand-out methods…

  • Dancing: What better way to enjoy movement than to exciting music? Dancing requires plenty of movement to work up a sweat, while improving your muscle tone, fine-tuning your motor skills, and engaging your mind to remember the steps. Most cities have dance studios with group classes, which you can take weekly, year round.
  • Video Games: Yes, I said it! Using video game consoles such as the Nintendo Wii for your daily fitness can actually be a good idea, if you use them with fitness (and not couch potato-ing) in mind. The Wii has handheld controls and games for indoor movement, such as tennis and golf and more.
  • Hula Hooping: Looking for a fun, easy, and inexpensive way to trim your tummy? Hula hooping is a great idea! Not only does the movement and combination of moves work your muscles from legs to abs and arms, it is a quick calorie burner and can be done from your own living room.
  • Playing Games: You probably love your grandkids to pieces, and can’t get enough time with them… and you don’t need to sacrifice time with them to work out. A great way to enjoy your grandchildren and exercise is to play active outdoor games, which they already love. Capture the Flag, Tag, Red Rover… there are a bunch of fun games that don’t require any (or just a few) supplies and are fun for you and the kiddos.
  • Tai Chi: Gentler than martial arts, yet movement-rich, Tai Chi is an excellent way for seniors and people of all ages to meditate while moving. It might not be as fun as Capture the Flag, but it is great for reducing stress, keeping muscles limber, improving your balance, and moving constantly for a good workout.

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