FitBehavior Book is Now Available

by Barry Hill

FitBehavior Book

**Again, we’d like to thank everyone who has played a role towards the completion of our FitBehavior book.  We hope you share in our excitement of its release! We also welcome comments and thoughts. Feedback is very helpful to us since we would like to give everyone what they are looking for when it comes to their body and fitness routine.

Inspire Your FitBehavior is a multimedia FitBehavior book that engages the user to see what’s possible for them. The stories of real people in the book will help others begin to consider and take action toward a fitness program compatible with their interests and goals for fun and better health.

Our FitBehavior book is highly differentiated in a positive way as it combines text with embedded video to maximize impact, retention and inspire action. Studies show that people tend to learn and understand more through image rather than just words. So hopefully with our FitBehavior multimedia book you will grasp the meaning even more!

Click here to preview the book.

As wellness increasingly becomes an important issue for both individuals and organizations, products, particularly tracking tools will continue to be on the rise–BMI calculators, dietary journals, workout logs, etc. The FitBehavior multimedia eBook is intended to be used as a motivational tool to help people to discover their own motivation and actually seek the tools to help them get started. These tools will guide you into your very own goals and will definitely come in handy when you begin a new path of success within the fitness world.

Whether you’re an individual or an organization, we aim to provide the inspiration to to decide to be active for health and vitality today.  Let’s see if we can create a national movement to get more people moving! We hope this is of great help to you.

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