Exercising Helps You Live Longer

by Barry Hill
Exercising Helps You Live Longer

Most of us want to live as long as possible – well, as long as the quality of that life is pretty good. However, taking the steps to make that wish a reality can be difficult.

The British Journal of Sports Medicine recently released an Oslo University Hospital analysis that studied 5,700 elderly men (aged 68-77) in Norway over the course of 11 years. The analysis found that the elderly men who did three hours of exercise each week lived approximately five years longer than men who had a sedentary lifestyle.

This effect is about as powerful as giving up smoking is for life expectancy!

And in the analysis, it showed that both light and vigorous routines had the extended effect on life expectancy. Just getting out there and moving on a regular basis, even doing something as simple and easy as walking every day, can have a huge impact on how long you live.

Can you imagine an extra five years to enjoy your grandchildren – maybe even get to meet great-grandchildren whose births you would have missed otherwise? Five more years to spend with your friends and loved ones? An extra five years to enjoy all of the things you love?

That sounds great! This is what Fit After Fifty, the movement, is all about. We want to inspire and encourage every single man and woman aged 50-plus (and even those younger) to make fitness an important part of their everyday life. Fitness makes everything better: sleep habits, mood, energy levels, disease and injury prevention, physical wellbeing, and even your relationships.

Get on track with your fitness, and share the Fit After Fifty with everyone you know, so we can all live longer, better lives!

Featured photo source: Pixabay.com

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