Sustainable Healthy Weight in 2013


Next week marks the 20th annual Healthy Weight Week in conjunction with the Healthy Weight Network.  The Fit After Fifty Team specifically wants to emphasize healthy weight as it relates to a lifestyle to fight obesity.  Let’s face it, obesity doesn’t occur overnight, rather, it’s a result of accumulative behaviors.  Why should we expect to solve it any other way, SUSTAINABLY, except through accumulating HEALTHY behaviors?! Read more

The Growing Obesity Crisis

Obesity Crisis

The obesity crisis is growing into an enormous problem, not just for the overweight individual but for the healthcare system. 1.5 billion people worldwide are obese, resulting in 25% greater healthcare costs per person than for a normal-weight individual. 1 in 3 adults in the U.S. are obese. Read more

Have A Very Happy Healthy Holiday!

Happy Healthy Holiday

We hope your wish list included something that will help to make 2013 a healthier and more active year. And if you’re already living and breathing Fit After Fifty, be that resource for someone else…inspire them to get started. It is always good to share awareness and of course positive and healthy gifts about and exercising plan and staying fit. We all know that the best food comes around the holidays when families come together, which means more calories that may back up your fitness goal. Feel free to eat all the deliciousness but be prepared for a good workout afterwards.

Ways to Prepare for a Happy Healthy Holiday

To prepare for a happy healthy holiday workout, make sure you eat the proper amounts of foods. Don’t over stuff yourself (sometimes it hurts your tummy) and have a good workout session by yourself or even better with your family! Before your grandkids arrive at your house for the holidays, have your set plan for you workouts. Planning and preparing are nice, but even the best-laid plans get derailed, especially during the holidays. If you find there’s just no way to get in a workout, get creative and find ways to move your body any way you can. I suggest taking several walks with your family including the dog. If your grandkids want to play football or catch, do it! Helping around the house with chores like raking leaves is also a workout. There is always something to do, just get creative and with the help of your family you will loose all those pounds you gained off that delicious dinner. We all know how those moments are. To everyone enjoying fitness as well as spending time with loved ones for the holidays. Have a Happy Healthy Holiday from Fit After Fifty!

Wishing you all the happiness and health this holiday season!

-Fit After Fifty Team


Brain Activity: A Solution to the Obesity Epidemic Pt 2

brain activityWhy is STORYTELLING

           a powerful part of the SOLUTION

                             for solving the social problem of OBESITY?


If you’ve ever participated in “bed time stories”, you know the scene. Those little eyes looking up at you fighting off the impending exhaustion as he hangs on to every last word of Good Night Moon. Or the less Read more

What Laughter Can Do For You

It’s long been said that laughter is the best medicine, and new research shows that’s indeed the case. Laughter not only reduces pain and stress, but also improves oxygen flow to the brain and heart. In fact, a recent study has shown that laughter is as good for the arteries as aerobic exercise. Read more

Supporting Wellness and Active Aging at the ICAA Conference

Wellness and Active Aging


Fit After Fifty is excited to exhibit at the tenth annual  International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) Conference in New Orleans this Thursday and Friday (More details on the location below).

“Advance your wellness and active aging journey”…

a theme of the conference.  Perhaps you feel the term wellness and active aging is overused, misused, etc. We support the understanding of ‘wellness and active aging’ to be a ‘a way of living well and aging in an active and most healthy way’.   Read more

Can Physical Activity Prevent or Postpone Alzheimer’s Disease?


Fit After Fifty found research studies have scientists excited about the prospect of postponing or even preventing Alzheimer’s disease through physical exercise. A Scientific American article explains that physical activity has been shown to reduce risk factors for dementia and increase brain health. Read more

Celebrating Veterans Day

celebrating veterans day

Why Celebrating Veterans Day is Important

Most Americans will be getting a day off of work on Veterans Day. And while some may use this day to get a start on their holiday shopping and to take advantage of all the sales that go along with this day, everybody should take a moment to reflect on the reason for it. That day is Veteran’s Day, and while the meaning behind it may sometimes be forgotten by Americans, it is a day set aside to remember all veterans who have scarified for our freedom. So even if you don’t celebrate the day in any other way, just take a moment to read a little bit about the history of it. Who know, you may even end up celebrating Veterans Day if you haven’t already. In fact, this national holiday is observed to honor America’s veterans for their love of this country and patriotism. Veterans make the utmost of sacrifices so we can enjoy the freedoms bestowed upon us through the constitution. This being said, attend or watch a veteran’s parade on television. It is also highly encouraged to thank veterans for their service, as the sentiment goes a long way. Be thankful for our fallen soldiers.

On this Veterans Day, Fit After Fifty would like to pay special tribute to all the men and women who have courageously served our country, as well as their families, therefore Celebrating Veterans Day. We would like to specifically recognize our own retired Navy Admiral, Bill Center. In his story, he shares how the military has given him the great gift of fitness. Even after squandering it, he was able to rediscover it through rehabbing himself back to better health. He shares his story with the purpose of impacting others to realize that you too can make a comeback. Read more

The ‘D’ Word: Diabetes Awareness

diabetes awareness


As you may have heard by now, November is Diabetes Awareness month. Fit After Fifty would like to contribute to the sharing of info to help all of us actually become more aware.   Read more

Hope FOR Change

Hope For Change

Aren’t serendipitous events some of our most wonderful experiences on this life?!

On my flight to Fort Lauderdale, FL for the Corporate Wellness Conference, I sat next to a gentleman, who I come to find out is about to turn 60.  Our conversation strikes up as I’m noticing his fancy applications utilizing video on his iPad.  I’m naturally interested to inquire…perhaps FitBehavior can benefit from a new video app.  You never know!

He was very kind and genuinely shared information about his work as a contracting programmer, creating these robust apps.  But as much as I was interested to pick his brain re video apps, the conversation took a turn toward a much more real, life issue…health.  As I showed him some of the content from the book, including a video or two, he went quiet…and then very generously proceeded to share his own story. Read more