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Eco-Friendly Exercise for Earth Day

Earth Day is here. People across the world are getting out in their gardens, volunteering in their communities, and working to make our planet a better place. We suggest you take your fitness regimen outside for Earth Day, and enjoy the beautiful place in which you live.

“We’re spoiled here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Though we have quite the amount of grey-ish days and drizzle, when the sun graces us with its presence, it’s pretty hard to beat. Today, I’m planning to get outside to hit some golf balls. Yes, there’s a 70% chance of rain, but I don’t think I’ll melt. What are your plans for Earth Day?” – Tony

Here are some fun exercises and ideas for Earth Day:

  1. Go Hiking. Gather some friends or family, trail mix, sturdy shoes and plenty of water, and go to your local trailhead for some hiking. As you go, you can enjoy beautiful natural scenery, breathe the fresh, clean air, and appreciate the rustic environment. If you live in an area without hills or mountains for hiking, go on a nature power-walk instead.

    Photo credit: Flickr user glaciernps

    Photo credit: Flickr user glaciernps

  2. Go Eco-Running. For Earth Day, ditch the treadmill and head outside for a run or walk around your neighborhood or town. Make it an eco-run or walk by bringing a garbage bag along to pick up trash along the way – get your friends and neighbors involved to make it a health- and eco-conscious community event.

    Photo credit: ecologyrunner.com

    Photo credit: ecologyrunner.com

  3. Go Swimming. If the weather is warm enough where you live, head to a nearby lake, coastal beach, or outdoor pool for some swimming. Or, try your hand at paddleboarding for a fun upper-body workout.

    Photo credit: Flickr user Mary Fairchild

    Photo credit: Flickr user Mary Fairchild

  4. Go on Wheels. Dust off your bicycle or pull out your rollerblades (in-line skates) for an energetic ride. Both activities engage a lot of muscles and exercise your cardiovascular system for a healthy, outdoor workout. Be sure to wear a helmet and other protective gear.

    Photo credit: Think Stock

    Photo credit: Think Stock

  5. Go Volunteer. Many communities and neighborhoods across the U.S. have scheduled Earth Day activities and volunteer opportunities. Go join in, but insert fitness focus: If you are planting trees, do lunges as you carry the trees. If you’re helping to clean up trash, speed walk from place to place.

Whatever your exercise routine today consists of, do it outside! Head to a local park with your yoga mat to do your yoga or pilates for the day, and use park benches for your calisthenics (sit-ups, lunges, etc.).

How are you celebrating Earth Day and personal health? Share it with us!

Controversial Food Pyramid

no_food_pyramidWe’ve all heard of the “Food Pyramid” and seen various iterations of it. As a baby boomer, you probably even remember before it was a pyramid. (In fact, the “Food Pyramid” didn’t even exist until 1992!) Over the years, there have been numerous objections to every version of the USDA’s dietary suggestions—dating all the way back to the 1920’s. Arguments against the food pyramid have been posed regarding the influence of various food industries, bad science, and just a general misunderstanding & lack of clarity in the use of the pyramid.

The food pyramid, as most of us understand it, has a big base of grains, topped by a split of fruits & vegetables, which is topped by dairy & meats, then with fats, oils & sweets at the very top. Most nutritionists are quick to point out that lumping fats, oils & sugars all together doesn’t work—there are essential fats, oils & sugars. Read more

Holiday Health – It Doesn’t Have to Mean Dieting

With the holiday season upon us, we’re surrounded by opportunities to make good & healthy decisions that will echo throughout the upcoming year. You don’t need the New Year to be here to resolve to be healthy. We know the holiday season is rife with opportunities to indulge in delicious foods & beverages that are perhaps… not so healthy… and we tend to forego exercise in exchange for family time, parties, shopping & a few extra minutes in our comforter cocoon in the morning. Amid all the opportunities for choices that will negatively affect our health & fitness, is it possible to stay in the holiday spirit and stay healthy & have a positive attitude about fitness?

holiday healthy santaWith the family-centricity of the season, you can take the opportunity to inspire your family to be active & healthy throughout the holidays. Lead the charge this year by involving your family & friends in active holiday traditions. In the cold of the winter, we tend to hunker down inside with hot drinks & books, TV & movies (and we’re not saying those things are bad)—but there’s a lot that you can do with your family to keep moving while enjoying one another’s company. Read more

4 Steps to Healthy Behavior Sustainability: The perfect gift for yourself this holiday season

As you holiday list of gifts for the family starts to expand, don’t forget about yourself. (Surprisingly, it’s easy to do!) Adopting healthier habits is not only a gift for yourself but for all those people on your list too. Let’s face it, little Sally will appreciate who new 10-speed bike, but if you’re not healthy enough to teach her how to really enjoy it, well…. You get the point!

So, where do you begin down this healthier path?

Quote-011 copyIdentify your motivation, including something outside of yourself.

There’s a big difference between starting to live healthier, and sustaining your motivation into the long run. Think of all of the people who make grand plans for fitness in their New Year’s resolution, only to lose motivation after a week or less. How can you avoid this?

Here are  four steps to behavior sustainability, to keep your drive for fitness long after you begin: Read more

Something In The Works…


The Fit After Fifty Team is taking a brief end-of-the-summer hiatus. Though we don’t plan on getting in extra rounds of golf or beach volleyball games, we do plan to spend extra time on something very exciting….something that we hope will be even greater for our community of followers…something to help entice MORE people to adopt their own fit behavior and live life better! Read more

Obesity Classified as a Disease: Will it Help the Cause?


Is regular over-indulgence in food and under-indulgence in exercise (if any at all) a clinical disease? What do you think? There’s certainly been plenty of buzz in the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ arenas in the few weeks since the American Medical Association officially determined that obesity is classified as a disease. And regardless which camp you’re leaning towards, there’s no denying the growing, no pun intended, obesity epidemic. Read more

Let Freedom Ring!

freedom of choice

Here in America we at Fit After Fifty tend to go all out to celebrate the Fourth of July, Independence Day. This marks the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence (which was actually signed on July 2, 1776 – speculation is that the official celebration was delayed by two days because several of the signers needed to recover from gout flareups brought on by rich food and drink consumed during their private post-signing celebrations!). Read more

Healthy Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Healthy Father's Day Gift Ideas

Psssst… To all the daughters, sons and mothers out there – this Sunday, June 16 is Father’s Day! And did you know that this week, leading up to Father’s Day is National Men’s Health week…and June is National Men’s Health Month?! So what are we hinting at here?? You may have guessed by now… That’s right, healthy Father’s Day gift ideas. We’re strongly encouraging to reconsider that tie pin or ink pen this year and let your creative juices flow on the topic of health.
Read more

Boomers: the Healthiest Generation – or Not?

Boomers: the healthiest generation?

Today’s baby boomers are generally healthier than their parents, right? After all, this generation has been dubbed the “Healthiest Generation” because of having the longest life expectancy of any of the previous generations – and has also had many health advantages their parents did not have. But, surprisingly, research shows that many in the aging baby boom generation are actually LESS healthy than their parents. Read more