“What’s my motivation?”

Time is often a challenge that many of us battle in pursuit of reaching our fitness goals. Yes, we all could most likely use an extra hour or two or 10 in the day. However, interestingly, in our recent consumer market research, Fit After Fifty asked respondents:

Please share what are your greatest challenges toward becoming more healthy and fit.  The most common response included something about ‘MOTIVATION’.  We even had someone goes as far as to say:

“I don’t really have the motivation. I have a room full of ‘motivational books’ that never worked. Nothing will work until I’m ready.” – anonymous

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“Strong people are harder to kill….”

We are honored to have Jake Platt, President and Founder of Northwest CrossFit, as one of our physical training advisors. You may recognize Jake from The Admiral’s Comeback Story as he directed the Admiral’s rehabilitation via CrossFit.

We caught up with Jake to share some of his thoughts towards the value of physical fitness.

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Taking a STAND, literally!

We all know we do it…difficult for most of us to get around it…but we can always do better.  Challenge yourself to spend less time in the chair:  set periodic alerts on your calendar to stand up & stretch; drink more water to force you out of your chair more often as your bladder dictates;)  You can do it! Fit After Fifty believes in you!

**Special thanks to MedicalBillingandCoding.org for the great info graphic!

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Celebrating 100 Years of Life

Fit After Fifty dear Forever Athlete friend, Cy Breen, passed away the morning of Sunday, June 24, 2012 at Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs, CA. He was 100 years old.

Greg Klein, Cy’s stepson and caddy for the big birthday golf outings, shared a few sentiments….

What an amazing person Cy has been to us all–small in stature but a giant at heart. Hanging out with him was like being with a celebrity. Everyone knew him, and wherever we were, people wanted to say hi, and shake his hand. On the golf course all the ladies wanted to take their picture with him and get a hug, and the men looked at him in awe, wondering how he was able to play 100 holes of golf in one day, when they could barely play 18 holes at a much younger age. Everyone just loved CY and what he stood for– “Nothing makes you feel better than helping someone else.”

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