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When Food Is “Love” – Overcoming Family Patterns


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About a month ago, I wrote the second installment in my fitness saga, and was very encouraged that one of the benefits of exercising and eating healthier was that I stopped even wanting the rich foods I previously craved.

Ahem. Over the last month, an irresistible force began to reassert itself Read more

One man’s inspirational journey. (Part Two)


Like many people, Bret’s story is one of challenges and finding the strength to start again. For 13 years his life consisted of poor dietary habits and inactivity. (You can catch part one here.)  In this final segment, Fit After Fifty pick up the inspirational journey after eight months into Bret’s new path… Read more

How do you restart a healthy lifestyle after taking 13 years off? Hear one man’s inspirational story.


From 1987 to 1994, I ran a lot as an airmen in the US Air Force. I’d run two or three times a day, because I absolutely loved to run. I was never the fastest guy, but I could be seen running around the Air Force bases all the time. It was never about speed with me. I just like being outdoors sweating and putting the miles on the pavement and trails. While stationed in England, I decided to run the London Marathon in 1994. I trained with a club, which was an awesome experience. On the day of the London Marathon, I was pumped for an awesome race. BBC even interviewed myself and two airmen. To have over 25,000 runners ready to take on 26.2 miles was incredible… – Bret Stevens, 46 yrs old.  Read more

“All This In Just a Month?” Benefits of Exercise Happen Quickly

benefits of exercise happen quickly

A month ago I wrote an article for this blog describing how I was inspired by Fit After Fifty’s ebook to begin exercising (“How Did I Get Like This?” – FINALLY Inspired to Exercise”).

For whatever reason, I was really resistant to the idea of exercising and watching what I eat, despite having health issues that strongly suggested that I needed to get moving, and fast.   Read more

Change IS Possible. Just ask Frank.


It truly amazes me how a video sharing a story about a person I don’t even know can trigger very raw and powerful emotions. SEEING and HEARING real people share their story is powerful. And when used for good, these videos can deliver a message of real hope if you find yourself in a similar situation. There’s something to be said for the “If he can do it, I can do it.” mentality.  Read more

“How Did I Get Like This?” – FINALLY Inspired to Exercise

Motivation to lose the weight.

I felt a tightness in my chest that started in my back and moved forward. A couple of Tums didn’t do anything. I had been hospitalized with chest pain in the past and it had always turned out to be nothing. Gastritis. Anxiety. Never cardiac. But when the pain moved into my jaw, I told my husband I wanted to go to the emergency room. Read more

What’s YOUR Motivation?

Healthy WeightWe’ve talked about the word ‘motivation’ quite a bit as it relates to a fit, healthy lifestyle…and we’ll continue to talk about it, as it’s key to starting, and importantly, SUSTAINING fit behavior change. Read more

Storytelling: A Solution to the Obesity Epidemic Pt 1

Obesity Epidemic

A Solution Towards Obesity Epidemic

We know that the obesity epidemic is a serious public health problem.  Not only is the physical health of our population at risk, but so too is our financial health.  Obesity costs money!!  Even for those who are fit, the problem affects you too.  It’s been universally accepted as a “social problem”.  Dr. Rajiv Kumar, founder and CEO of employee wellness company ShapeUp, speaks to how we can start to solve this social problem, with a social solution.  What’s more social than people sharing their own stories?!  This is a two-part series on the power of storytelling for communicating and affecting real change in regards to healthier, more fit lifestyles. Read more

Walking Back to Health: How One Man Was Fighting Diabetes 30min a Day

fighting diabetes

As we come to the end of Diabetes Awareness Month, we wanted to share an account of one man’s Fit After Fifty change journey…   Read more

Fighting Cancer with Fitness: A Cancer Survivor Story

cancer survivorWe are excited to have Fit After Fifty’s Alison Regan coming up to Seattle to speak at the Team Survivor Northwest Annual Gala, this Saturday, October 6.


If  you’re in the Seattle area, it’s not too late to register to attend the event. It is never too late to help those with cancer. Register to help support and enjoy this event. Details here:

Read more