Walk Your Way to Better Health

Many people begin their return to fitness by starting to walk regularly. Others walk to supplement or round out their other fitness practices. Others still consider walking to be their main form of exercise. Regardless of where it fits in your life, walking is one of the best ways you can exercise. This infographic by Fit After Fifty Read more

We Can All Do Our Part To Reduce Health Care Costs

health care costsFit After Fifty reviewed a PBS documentary that aired this week, “Money and Medicine”, asking why U.S. health care costs is so expensive. In an interview, producer and director Robert Weisberg discusses the factors driving up health care costs, often with mediocre medical results, while contributing to our national financial crisis.

“ . . . I think there are a lot of drivers. There’s the aging of our population. There’s technologic innovation and explosion. But I think the biggest single driver is our fee-for-service system that rewards volume instead of value and quantity of medical services instead of quality. And as a result, we end up doing a lot of things that cause more harm than benefit for patients.”

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Healthcare Networks Outreach

healthcare networks


As we’re getting ready to release the multimedia book, Inspire Your FitBehavior, we’d like to extend a big thank you out to all the individuals who have contributed and collaborated towards its production.  So many of you have played an integral role in its development.  We hope you’re excited as we are to share the final product!

How Healthcare Networks Help

Many of you have asked how you can participate in further promoting the Fit After Fifty message and movement.  Our response: your healthcare networks.   Read more