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News and Reviews

Isn’t is great when someone else does the talking for you?!  We’re excited to be receiving great news and reviews from Inspire your FitBehavior.   If you or someone you know has viewed the book and would like to share news and reviews, feel free to do so on your preferred retail store: Amazon, iTunes, or Fit After Fifty directly.

It is always nice to hear from people who really enjoy the book and to also receive their input on how to make the book even better! Please also feel free to comment below with any thoughts and questions. We look forward to welcoming a great community to talk about fitness as well as aspiring stories that anyone would like to share.

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FitBehavior Book is Now Available

FitBehavior Book

**Again, we’d like to thank everyone who has played a role towards the completion of our FitBehavior book.  We hope you share in our excitement of its release! We also welcome comments and thoughts. Feedback is very helpful to us since we would like to give everyone what they are looking for when it comes to their body and fitness routine.

Inspire Your FitBehavior is a multimedia FitBehavior book that engages the user to see what’s possible for them. The stories of real people in the book will help others begin to consider and take action toward a fitness program compatible with their interests and goals for fun and better health.

Our FitBehavior book is highly differentiated in a positive way as it combines text with embedded video to maximize impact, retention and inspire action. Studies show that people tend to learn and understand more through image rather than just words. So hopefully with our FitBehavior multimedia book you will grasp the meaning even more!

Click here to preview the book.

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International Inspirational EBook to Keep Playing

inspirational ebook

Click on the image to view Leah’s Forever Athlete story, promoting FitBehavior for everyone.

Fit After Fifty heard word from Leah & Jarol Duerksen during their adventure in Thailand.  A couple months ago, they were presented an opportunity to teach English and play their beloved sport of ping pong with local high school students.   They jumped on it!  The following is from Leah, week one into their trip…

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Fit After Fifty: Solving the Healthcare Crisis One Athlete at a Time is an interactive, multimedia eBook featuring the inspirational stories of real people who were able to overcome fear of beginning a fitness program. These people made decisions—to live without pain, or to start swimming, or be able to play with their grandchildren. They represent the solution to the problem of an unfit population.

We’re excited to be part of the solution toward more fit behavior.  Thanks for helping us in this important effort!  Please feel free to share this post with others.