“So much of my motivation has come from simply realizing it was possible to reverse my decline. I lost five pounds. And then another five pounds. And then another. Every pound lost boosted my confidence. Every physical ability recovered added to my resolve to keep getting better.”

-Admiral Bill Center

“A nurse said to me that as long as I’m “trending” in the right direction, a couple of steps back is OK. That gave me enormous comfort. I don’t have to improve every day as long as I’m “trending” up. And I am. I have a wonderful physical therapist and my coach and I are developing a comprehensive rehab program.”

-Alison Regan

“There are always choices in front of us, and I’m always asking myself, “Which one of these choices gives me the best opportunity to feel fitter and healthier?” The right answer is always easy to spot. I just have to choose it.”

-Z Zsohar

“I didn’t become the athlete I am today in a day. But there was one day when I started. And, thankfully, I begin every day knowing this. I feel so fortunate to have discovered my athletic talent; it’s conceivable that I could’ve lived my whole life without realizing my true potential.”

-Cherie Gruenfeld

“It takes trying different sports and activities to find the right pursuits for you. You won’t know if you’re a runner until you try running. You won’t know how much you’ll enjoy golfing or surfing or skiing until you try each of them. You won’t know what you’ll fall in love doing until you open yourself up to the possibility of loving a particular sport or activity.”

-Greg Klein

“Simply put, these ideas—being open to possibility, rethinking what it means to fail, and connecting with a community that’s committed to exercise—are at the heart of my lifestyle.”

-Bobbi Callison

“Finding a sport or activity that you love is crucial. And it doesn’t have to be a competitive sport. Yoga and tai chi are physical activities without any competitive element that offer extraordinary health benefits. When you find a sport or activity that’s right for you, you’ll know it.”

-Bruce McBarnette

“Coaches can also help you make strides mentally as well. I think mental resilience is a huge benefit of pushing yourself competitively, and coaches can help you grow in this way, too.”

-Leah Duerksen

“Sometimes, I would be so exhausted at the end of the day in court that I couldn’t face going to the gym. So, I did what everyone does who wants to make a change to their behavior and take on a big task: I broke the task down into the smallest steps possible, committing to only one small step at a time.”

-Faith Ireland