Screen Shot 2011-11-23 at 12.12Have you considered getting in shape and losing weight? Has your spouse? How do you know where to begin? Meet Z. His story illustrates how to turn weight-loss into a tracking game and discover a playful passion in the process. And with the support of key players, he is able to alter his environment to make the healthier decisions, easier to make. Be inspired by Z’s story of making great memories happen.

“Knowing is not enough. Doing is what will get you there.”

– Z Zsohar

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Make Great Memories Happen

UPDATE: This summer I was thrilled to win the gold in 40K Cycling Road Race at the National Senior Games (65-69 age group). The field of cyclists was very competitive but being only 66, I had a competitive advantage.

Zs_eBook_FB_Revision_600x900_NoLogoMy greatest challenge to maintain my health and fitness goals is taking the time to continue. I continue to work towards balance among everything life is offering me at the moment. My fitness goals for the rest of 2013 is to just maintain my fitness level and have fun. I have trained hard all year, competing in various events… So now, I am going to be a kid again and just have fun on the bike. In early 2014, I will decide what events I will participate and compete. I may focus more on organized recreational rides rather than of major competitions. I’d also like to focus more on traveling places on my bucket list, like Australia.

We are loving our home on White Rock Lake. Every evening that we are home, we go out at sunset with a glass of wine and toast the sunset. (Lots of great photos on my Facebook page.) I feel like I have died and gone to heaven. I am very blessed!

Z and JL_REVI am now a grandfather! Jonathan Louis Galassini (I call him JL) and just a great kid. My goal is to stay in shape so I can always play the games and sports with him.

The word of mouth regarding my book, Surviving Through Faith, has spread. Last year I had a second printing because I was running low from the 2000 copies I had originally printed. Not bad!

As you can tell life is very good for me and my family. I do have some medical issues–skin-related & shoulder–I am dealing with, but I don’t let it keep me from my bike. We count our blessing every day. Being fit is a big part of this. I enjoy people coming up to me at the gym and asking what I do to look so fit. I love it when my daughters brag to their friends about my cycling accomplishments and my general energy level. I love it when they say “Does dad ever get tired?”

ADVICE: Addressing those who still make excuses not to exercise, I would just reiterate, from my own experience, how great it will make you feel–less stress, more energy. Much of this stems from having a positive attitude that feeds the desire to exercise and results from exercise… good things will happen!

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