576_imageHave you taken some “time off” from exercising? Or perhaps you’ve tried multiple types of workouts, but nothing seems to stick. Meet Leah and her husband Jarol. They met years ago at a ping pong table. You can’t help but fall in love with this great couple who took a 25 year hiatus from their sport and started again. Their story illustrates both the healthy and social benefits of participating in a sport. Be inspired by Leah and her husband Jarol, showing how taking time off, can be an opportunity to start again.

“If she can do it, I can do it too.”

– Leah

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Get Back in the Game

Leah_eBook_FB_Revision_600x900_NoLogoUPDATE: I was injured in Thailand but not because of my table tennis. My husband and I were on an all day trip to western Thailand with 58 students and staff when our bus driver lost control of our bus and crashed in the mountains. I had 7 cracked ribs, a partially collapsed lung and a puncture wound in my leg that took 10 months to heal. Many doctors told me, “The reason you recovered so quickly is because you are in such good health.”

I attended my 3rd National Senior Games (July 2013)– I was just eliminated from the medal round in a tie-breaker! I did pick up a great shirt souvenir that reads, “Some people WISH for it – we WORK for it!” (on the side) “Senior Athletes Are Off Their Rockers.”

Attending competitions allows us to meet wonderful people from all over the world, including an older Chinese woman who spoke no English. We invited her and her son & wife to stay at our home for the weekend before returning to China. We had a great time! Our language barrier was not a problem because we all speak “table tennis” and enjoy cooking Chinese food. All three of them have returned to Shanghai, China to live but we are still in contact.

Looking ahead at my health and fitness goals…

1) Achieve my desired goal weight so I can move better in my sport.

2) Qualify for the 2015 National Senior Games in Minneapolis, MN.

3) I would like to grow 4 inches taller. [Ha Ha!]

ADVICE: If you’re afraid of getting injured, you should try competitive table tennis. It’s a great, low impact sport you can continue to play forever!