Faith Stills FlagDo you think you are too busy? Or maybe, it’s “too late” for you to get in shape? Meet Faith. Her story illustrates how one can overcome physical and mental obstacles to live a happier and healthier life. Faith shows how baby steps and a positive mental attitude, together, are the most powerful tools you need in your own journey. Be inspired by Faith’s story from judge’s bench to bench press, illustrating that it’s never too late, and you’re never too busy to get fit.

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Faith_eBook_FB_Revision_600X900_NoLogoUPDATE: Since my story was published, I had two rotator cuff surgeries (left & right). Fortunately I had both done within one month of each other, and I was able to get back into powerlifting competition exactly one year after the first surgery. Working hard on the rehab was the key.

I recently competed in Master’s worlds in Orlando on 9/25/13. I won the women over 70 division for all weight classes with a squat of 231, bench of 143 and deadlift of 281 for a total of 655. The deadlift and the total were IPF World Records in my age group.

I recently had a cardiac evaluation because one of my two brothers died at age 37 of a heart attack and the other who will be 75 next year has been having some heart problems. My cardiologist plays baseball with my husband and after the evaluation he told him “we should all be as healthy as your wife!”

Goals for 2014:

• Make world team and go back for the squat and bench world records.
• Remain a size 6.
• Pay attention to cardio (for endurance) and stretching (prevention) along with heavy lifting.

ADVICE: Balancing life’s events is a continuous challenge. When it comes to working out, be mindful of your schedule so that it doesn’t get overlooked.