Cherie Blue Top Stills 386Whether your goal is to walk a couple blocks or become the reigning Ironman World Champion, Cherie shows how YOU have the power to make the decision to do it and create the action plan. She shows how one morning in bed eating sticking buns, could lead to….[fill in your own goal]. Be inspired by Cherie’s story of traveling the new path.

“I could have gone my whole life, never discovering this athletic ability.”

– Cherie

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Cherie_eBook_FB_Revision_600x900_NoLogoUPDATE: I finished my recent Kona Ironman with broken ribs! Just days before the big race, as I was walking on a path outside of our condo, I tripped and fell on a drain pipe. Unfortunately, I did the worst thing which was thinking it wasn’t that bad of an injury… long story short, I ended up resting and getting treatment the few days leading up to the race and on race day, I finished! For the first time in 17 years, I wasn’t on the podium. I finished 6th in my age group. It was a tough award ceremony for me, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s just a bump in the road, and I have already signed up for a qualifier race next year. Since I’ll be at the bottom of the 70 -74 age group next year, I have a good shot at breaking a lot of records. But I’m not taking anything for granted… one day at a time.

And now that the busy race season is over, I can focus on my foundation, Exceeding Expectations.

ADVICE: Think you’re “too old” and my answer to that is, “Look at me, forget lost that one.”

Not enough time: Everybody has time. You have to organize it. So let’s look at your schedule. When do you not have kids or family or job? There’s early morning, there’s late night. What works for you and schedule it.

Fear of injury: What’s worse, getting a twisted ankle while you’re out walking or getting diabetes because you’re still on the couch? So forget it, you lost that one.

Fear of judgment: Who the hell cares? It’s your life, who cares? Everyone’s going to love you. When you cross that finish line and when you have a goal, who cares what people think of you?!
You don’t now how to get started: I’m here, let’s go.

I just think, objections, you just knock them down one by one, two or three sentences, get them out of the way…. So give it up, let’s go!

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