BruceDo you think a 50+ year old can be considered an athlete? Have you heard of masters sports? If not, you’ll quickly discover, being an athlete isn’t just for the “youngins” in this world. Meet Bruce. In his mid-50s he’s still jumping higher than most high school high jumpers. His story celebrates athletic greatness in the 2nd half of life. Whether you aspire to high jump or walk around the block, Bruce shares his insight into the power of visualizations and patience with yourself. Be inspired by Bruce’s story of seeing new possibilities and renewing your interest.

“Visualization is about seeing what’s possible, then inspiring yourself to do it.”

– Bruce

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See What’s Possible

Bruce_eBook_FB_Revision_600x900_NoLogoUPDATE: I’m happy to report I set three new world records in 2013 for the high jump in my 55-59 age group. Highest jump at 1.88 meters (6’2”). I’m looking ahead to next year to have similar success at the World Masters Championships in Budapest, Hungary. Hoping to stave off injuries!

Earlier this year, I was fortunate to work with high schoolers, during my trip to Alaska. I gave a clinic to the athletes… only two of the high schoolers outperformed the “old man”.

Outside of athletics, I’ve had the opportunity to do some acting with Julia Louis Dreyfus in the TV show, VEEP. I also had the pleasure of giving the commencement speech for Stratford College in Vienne, VA.

ADVICE: Exercise first thing in the morning. That way you are sure to get it done and at the same time it will wake you up and brighten your day even more than a cup of coffee.