Bobbie Outdoors 1 53No one said life is easy. Fortunately, we always have control over our attitude. Bobbi’s infectiously positive perspective would make you think she’s never struggled a day in her life. Quickly you discover how far this is from the truth and the therapeutic nature of a good workout. Her story illustrates the benefit of breaking your comfort zone and redefining failure as opportunity. Be inspired by Bobbi’s story of overcoming challenges by keeping a healthy mind and body.

“With the right perspective you can get through anything.”

– Bobbi

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Think Healthy. Live Healthy

Bobbi_eBook_FB_Revision_600x900_NoLogoUPDATE: Our life is still busy and active–just had a big party to celebrate Paul’s (my husband) 80th birthday. We’re currently planning an 11-day kayak trip to Palau early next year, so we need to keep in shape for that! I’m still competing in masters swimming, but I’m more selective about how many and which meets to attend. Both Paul and I are still hiking regularly. I participated with my daughter In a “Kiss Me Dirty” mud event that actually turned out to be a lot of fun.

ADVICE: One bit of advice is to try new things – it may turn out to be fun or interesting! More advice is to see a Dr. when the body does not feel right. Paul’s knees started acting up (stiff, hurt, hard to go up stairs). He ended up with a physical therapist who has given him great exercises that have strengthened his legs. Don’t accept getting old – find out what might be wrong and work on improving the problem.

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