Alison Regan Interview 1 273You can’t predict the future. You never know when you may need to take a withdrawal from your “health savings account”. If you’re currently active, Alison shows how to renew your interest in trying new activities, as scary as they may seem at first. If you’re not currently active, Alison shares how her baseline level of health enabled her to overcome the scariest hurdle of cancer. Be inspired by Alison’s story playing for life.

“The key to fitness has been a willingness to try new things—to take on new challenges.”

– Alison

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Play for Life

Allison_eBook_FB_Revision_600x900_NoLogoUPDATE: One significant change is that I’ve fallen in love! 🙂 We both share a commitment to fitness so he’s very supportive of all my athletic endeavors. I recently took a couple of flying trapeze classes and I loved it! Last September, I got into triathlons. I’ve done four this year and have been on the podium twice (3rd in my age group and 2nd in my age group). I really enjoy the training though it tends to take up all your free time! My goals for the rest of this year and next is to improve my core strength and maybe go back to pole-vaulting. I’d also like to play more competitive beach ultimate. Time is my biggest challenge. It’s hard to fit in all the activities and training around a full time job and still have a social life. My dream would be to be a sponsored athlete so I could work part-time.

ADVICE: Not knowing how/where to start, can be the toughest obstacle. Some of my friends who had not been active signed up for a class that sounded fun and that led to other activities. It really is about finding something that is fun that just happens to involve exercise. Also, recognize that it’s going to take a little longer to warm up and get going. So be patient and wait for those juices to start flowing – because they will!

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