Beyond Exercise: Health Tips to Keep (or Get) You Fit

by Barry Hill

“A healthy lifestyle requires a balanced diet and regular exercise.” We know YOU know! However, we at Fit After Fifty also know that it’s easier said than done. – especially if you think that you are too far gone.

Would you like to hear a secret about getting fit? The best time to start is now!

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That’s not to say that it doesn’t take time and effort – it does. When you find your motivation and start using things like the following health tips, you will find that it’s worth it! Click here to hear Bobbi’s perspective on healthy living.

Use these health tips to fight your excuses and get motivated to get and stay fit:

Start Small: One of our key takeaways from the eBook is to ‘Break down big-picture goals into manageable chunks.’ It’s important to start with something small – walking 3x/week, or keeping a food diary – you’ll be amazed at the power of tracking your progress. If you’re trying to make your diet more health-conscious, start with removing one unhealthy item and sub for a healthy alternative (e.g. Replace your post-dinner ice cream with low-fat yogurt and berries or try a small square of dark chocolate). Gradually take “unhealthy items” out of your diet. And be realistic. At least until your tastebuds start to shift, allow yourself occasional “treats” to enjoy on special occasions.

Find Fun: Don’t force yourself to do something (like walking on the treadmill) just because you think you should. Try different activities, like swimming, table tennis, cycling, and so on until you find a sport or activity that you actually find fun. Exercise shouldn’t just be done for the sake of exercising, it should be enjoyable – otherwise you probably won’t stick with it. A big contributor to making it more fun typically involves doing it with other people—recruit your friends or sign up for a group class at your local gym. You’ll be amazed by the bonds you’ll create while you’re sweating!

Preserve Perspective: We realize, with anything that involves shifting habits, it’s not going to be easy, at least not until the healthier habits become more natural to you. So, do yourself a favor, and consciously keep a positive attitude. Your mind is your most powerful tool—so use it! Get excited about surpassing or reaching your goals – no victory is too small to celebrate. At the same time, don’t let the times that you slip up or fall short bring you down (failures are part of the process). Seek encouragement from loved ones and coaches, and use it to fuel your comeback. Remember that most of the effort is mental: if you train your brain to have a can-do attitude, your body will obey!

If you find this information useful, please share it with someone you know. Help them overcome their challenges and excuses. Remind them, that with a fit, healthy lifestyle, everything is better!

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Do you have some tips to share to help people start or restart a healthier path? We would love to hear them! (Share in the comments below this post.)

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