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Super Simple and Sneaky Ways to Slide Protein into Your Diet

By Janet Luhrs, www.simpleliving.com When you’re working out regularly, doing your strength training and cardio – it’s really important that you build lean muscle mass. And that requires additional protein in your diet. Not too many of us want to consume more meat, so take a look at this fabulous list of plant-based protein sources. […]

6 Simple Tricks to Keep You Motivated for Fall Workouts

By Janet Luhrs, www.simpleliving.com Although fall weather can provide some of the nicest opportunities for outdoor workouts, depending on what part of the country you live in, there can also be some blustery days. Plus, the lack of daylight can sideline even the best of intentions.  So let’s come up with a plan for fall workouts […]

It’s Not Rocket Science! 5 Ways to Revamp Your Diet for Better Nutrition

By Janet Luhrs, www.simpleliving.com I’m guessing you’ve tried many times to get on a clean, healthy eating plan. But sometimes the complexities and detailed food prep, not to mention the endless list of forbidden foods is overwhelming, isn’t it? Add to that the need to consider high protein, low carbs, good carbs/bad carbs, vegan, Paleo, […]

A Simple Approach to Good Nutrition

by Janet Luhrs, www.simpleliving.com Have you noticed that every year, more and more new studies come out about the latest, greatest way to lose weight and eat well? Does your head spin with so much conflicting information? Mine sure does. So let’s simplify things. Carbs. Bad word, right? Whoa! Not so fast. We still need […]