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5 Quick Core Workouts for Strong Abs

Your core is probably the single most important muscle group to focus on strengthening for a fit, functioning body. Of course, you shouldn’t ignore your other muscle groups, but keeping your abs fit and strong will improve your posture, maintain proper support for your spine and back muscles, and set the stage for fitness in […]

Hydrating Foods to Support Fitness and Weight Loss

Hydration is extremely important for a healthy diet and for safety during your workouts. When you are healthily hydrated, your body is able to carry important nutrients throughout your body, flush toxins from vital organs, and maintain an appropriately moist environment for your throat, nose and ears. Drinking enough water can be difficult – the […]

Inactivity is the Enemy of us All

Fit After Fifty is a movement dedicated to inspiring and motivating people over age 50 to get moving and get fit to enjoy the benefits of better health. One of the major benefits of being fit in old age is an extended life, and one of better quality and enjoyment (because you’ll enjoy aging more […]

Playgrounds for Seniors are Fun, Improve Health & Balance

I recently came across a Huffington Post article about a fantastic new concept for elderly peoples’ fitness… playgrounds! Apparently communities in Europe and Asia have begun to open playgrounds specifically designed with seniors in mind – meaning low-impact exercise equipment – and the trend has come to the U.S. Playgrounds for seniors and parks that […]

Give Yourself a Functional Movement Assessment!

Effective exercise isn’t just about maintaining good form and challenging your muscles to work harder. In order to get the most out of your workouts, meanwhile avoiding injury, you need to maintain balance. To evaluate your body’s balance, give yourself a Functional Movement Assessment. Optimally, you should visit a sports medicine clinic or physical therapy […]