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Staying Fit During the Holiday Season

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the Fit After Fifty family! It’s that time of year again where it’s easy to pack on the pounds.  There’s so much delicious food to be eaten, it can be tough to stay fit.  Delicious smells fill the house, cookies and sweets appear in the workplace, and there are constantly […]

Creating an Active Lifestyle: How to Do It

Going to the gym and lifting weights is not critical to a healthy lifestyle.  It’s certainly not the only way to get in shape and live an active life, or even necessarily the best way.    Neither is running, dancing, or yoga.  There’s truly no mandatory activity, no right or wrong way you must include […]

Changing Habits: How to Do It

The smell of fresh coffee wafts through the air as my espresso machine fills with the delicious black-gold liquid.  With teeth brushed and shirt tucked, I down the espresso, pop in my earbuds, and begin the 25 minute stroll to the office downtown.  It’s a routine I’ve practiced hundreds of times over the years, and […]

How to Stay Healthy at Work

One of the biggest contributors to obesity is a sedentary lifestyle.  We sit while we eat, when we’re watching television, at our desks at work, and when we catch up with friends.  Add some stress from the workplace into the mix and it’s no wonder why many of us are overweight, or weigh more than […]

How to Take the First Step

After months and years of sedentary habits, poor diet, and minimal exercise, it can be tough to take the first step.  It can be difficult to even know where to start, or how to muster the motivation and courage to do so. You may think about it day after day, and know internally that something […]

The Saturday Smoothie

Obesity is one of the biggest health risks we’re facing around the world.  We tell ourselves we’ll never been obese, but then one day we look in the mirror and see the writing on the wall.  The good news is there are things you can do to make a change.  One effective strategy to combat […]