Announcing The V-Book Launch of “Fit After Fifty: Because It Makes Everything Better”


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We are very excited to announce the official release and v-book launch of Fit After Fifty. It’s a celebration of living “better” in the 2nd half of life, and a start to creating a fit movement. Real stories of real people to motivate more people to live better at age fifty and beyond. The book offers encouragement, tips, and inspiration to start or restart living a healthy, fit lifestyle so your next 50 years are even better.

Quote-023“Fit After Fifty” is a v-book, or video-enhanced eBook with 20 embedded videos to add a compelling, multi-sensory aspect to the motivational, personal narratives. Read about their experiences, watch the short and inspiring videos included with every chapter, and receive helpful takeaways to send you on your own fitness journey.

As Dr. Rachel Fischer shares in the foreword, “Most of us don’t find inspiration in ‘how-to’ books. Instead, we’re inspired by personal stories from people we can relate to and who share our experience.”

You might be familiar with our previous efforts with ‘FitBehavior’ to help combat the healthcare crisis with fitness. Fit After Fifty celebrates and motivates fitness through a different lens. The focus is on increasing quality of life – something that we find to be the most important and valuable for everyone. Fit After Fifty is updated with all of the compelling stories from our earlier eBook, to help inspire “better living” at age 50 and beyond.

“I feel young! My hope is that you’ll join me, pushing me in a game of cat and mouse on our bikes. You can do it, just as I have done it.”

– Zoltan Zsohar (or ‘Z’ in “Fit After Fifty”)

Click on your preferred eBook provider below to download your copy of “Fit After Fifty: Because it Makes Everything Better”. And please comment below to tell us what you think, or to share your own story… join the fit movement!

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