Adding to Sir Isaac Newton Quotes

by Barry Hill

sir isaac newton quotes

We’re proud to share our own Tony Whatley, founder of Fit After Fifty, featured in an inspirational blog: “Inspire Me Today”.  You can check out the full post here:

Understanding Sir Isaac Newton Quotes

As Tony mentions in the article, he acknowledges a guiding ideology from his buddy Sir Isaac Newton quotes: “I stand on the shoulders of giants…”, which is a Western metaphor with a contemporary interpretation meaning “one who discovers by building on previous discoveries”. So once you have discovered something that you enjoy, stick to it! Once you are familiar with this discovery you found, you could even switch it around and start building more discoveries. For Fit After Fifty, we’ve leveraged this idea to create the multimedia eBook, Inspire your FitBehavior.  We all have the great opportunity to study and observe those who have experienced success.  Whether this relates to business, fitness, marriage, etc., we can learn from the successful models around us.

Interestingly, as Tony has learned in his own experience and highlighted by the athletes we’ve researched, YOU are ultimately responsible. You have the ability to pave your path with whatever long term or short term goals you have set. In Tony’s words, “You are the CEO of your life” and in Sir Isaac Newton quotes, you can build new discoveries. It’s empowering and possibly scary, depending on your perspective. But know that you are never alone. There are millions of people who have goals and maybe even the same goals you have.  Fortunately, we don’t have to do it alone. Grab a buddy, sibling, parent, child or just about anyone to join you. Seek out models you would like to emulate…we’ve provided a few for your fitness journey in the book!  We would concur that life’s an open-book quiz.  Take advantage!

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