6 Ways a Snow Day Can Boost Fitness

Snow days are coming and you can be ready.  No need to let it make you feel shut inside…embrace the white stuff! There is just something about having a great excuse NOT to make it into work and also getting out and taking full advantage of the winter wonderland to boost fitness.

Even for those of you in more temperate climates but you have access to the mountains, you can take advantage and go make your snow day just to enjoy it all!

Grab your loved ones and friends and head out there to try out the fun options of activities that get you out in the snow and also turning it into a workout to boost fitness. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Dig in! Shoveling snow is one of the highest caloric burning activities you can do and also check a chore off your to-do list. An average 145 lb. female age 55 burns 278 calories per hour and the metabolic rate after you are done continues the rest of the day. Check out this nifty snow shoveling calculator for your exact weight/height/sex to see how much you burn.
  • Slide down… The hill on a tube!  Any good hill near you and an inner tube and you are good to go to burn 408 calories per hour.  There is something to be said for having to drag your toboggan or sled back up that monster of a hill
  • Fight it out with snowballs as your ammo…Good old fashioned warfare not only is a good workout, but it brings out that inner kid that never really left you and was just looking for a good excuse to nail someone! 160 calories burned per hour.
  • Hike in it, with your snowshoes, that is.  Burning a whopping 476 calories per hour, this sport has been around for a ka-jillion years or so and for good reason.  It is a great way to continue to enjoy the peace and solitude of the back country and stay in shape all winter long. Be prepared with layers because you will heat up quickly.
  • Get fortified by it with a snow fort worthy of all those snowballs your kids and/or grandkids are making. Some of these are amazing and over the top, but hey, great inspiration for your design sense!
  • Get Angelic in it … with your best snow angel self. 107 calories burned per hour creating those snow angels unless you decide to make an entire celestial band of it and you can likely triple that figure.

You see, although your typical downhill sports are fun options, there really are many more that take very little cash outlay and can happen with limited planning and equipment.  The main point is to get out in it and play and breathe deeply!

Featured photo source: Pixabay.com

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