5 Fun and Seriously Simple Fitness Ideas

by Janet Luhrs
5 Fun and Seriously Simple Fitness Ideas

by Janet Luhrs, simpleliving.com

Argh. Have you hit a plateau with your workout plan?  Are you no longer able to lose weight or get in shape, even though you’re working out? Or maybe you’re just bored with what you’ve been doing. I have an answer for you – try switching up your routine and make it fun. Did you know that your body will hit a plateau if you keep doing the same routine over and over? Oftentimes, if you hate to work out, it’s because you haven’t been doing things that are interesting and fun – and your body responds by not changing. 

Keep in mind that “exercise” is any activity that elevates your heart rate and physically challenges you. That’s all! So play with me here for a moment and think outside of the (gym) box. Did you know that you can get results by doing any activity that you enjoy, and all you have to do is find a way to elevate your heart rate. Can’t think of what this could be? Here are a few ideas to jump start your imagination. 

  • Dance moves for your thighs and lower body: Inspired by dance pros, the plié squat and leg sweep are moves that are sure to strengthen your lower body and tone your thighs. If you enjoy these moves, then consider signing up for a dance class to really get your legs strong and in shape. Zumba, swing dancing and Tango are amazingly great workouts and if you seriously love to dance, I promise you’ll have so much fun you’ll forget you’re actually getting exercise. 
  • Hiking with friends:  This is such a fun, social opportunity to get out and breathe some fresh air and catch up with friends. Instead of meeting friends for lunch or coffee – suggest a hike instead, and choose a trail with some elevation gain. It’ll be a great workout. But if you want seriously fabulous results – you’ll need to do this regularly. How? Ask a friend to go with you say, every Tuesday or Saturday morning. Or better yet, sign up with a hiking club and meet new people who love getting outside. One of the most important things you need to do if you want to be successful at getting regular exercise is to be around people who inspire you to get and stay in shape. Being around couch potatoes will make you a couch potato. Being around healthy, active people will make you the same.
  • Geocaching: Who doesn’t enjoy a fun treasure hunt? Geocaching is a great social activity where participants use clues and GPS to hide and then find containers with a logbook inside. Once located, sign the logbook and follow the clues to the next treasure. Search online for local geocaching clubs near you and start your next adventure.
  • Play at the park: Who says playgrounds are just for kids?  Be a kid at heart and put your local playground to good use and get a full body workout in the process. Consider riding your bike there and back and you have added cardio. To amp this up to the next level, do what I’ve done at certain points in my life, and hire a personal trainer who will work with you outside, or find an exercise group that meets outside. For example, you can google “outdoor fitness meetups.”
  • Recess is on: Speaking of playgrounds, check out your local parks and rec guides and there just may be an adult recess class available!  Kickball, capture the flag, and tag are just a few games to take you back to those beloved days of recess.

 Remember that diet is responsible for 80% of your success to lose unwanted weight, so as you get more active, remind yourself of your efforts and don’t “reward” yourself with more treats. Your reward is greater health and fitness, so have fun and enjoy something new!  Let us know of any “non-exercise” exercises that work for you.

Featured photo source: Pixabay.com.

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