5 Easy Exercises to Do While Playing in the Park with Grandkids

by Alison McIrvin
5 Easy Exercises to Do While Playing in the Park with Grandkids

We realize that each of you has the most amazing and talented grandchildren on the planet, so as you are getting out in the park with those wonderful little people, make sure you are making some great memories to last a lifetime as your grands learn what cool, fun, and FIT grandparents they have!

  • If your little ones are still in a stroller, you can take some fun laps around the park, alternating jogging, lunge-walking, skipping, pushing the stroller backwards, etc. Just keep the stroller going and change direction and speed and your little one will be giggling right along as you are getting some exercise.
  • Kick a ball and have a ball! You don’t need an organized game of soccer, just run after each other, kicking the ball back and forth across the park. Change it up and play ball tag.
  • Hide and seek is not dead! Many times, it is the traditional games that have stood the test of time, that entertain little ones more than electronics or DVD’s. Running after them will get in some cardio for you.
  • Get rolling, and take care to have proper pads, helmet, and safety gear. Pull out those dusty roller blades and put them to use on the park paved trails. If getting on the wheels is not a good safety choice for you at this time, go for it with the bikes!
  • If your grands are older, take them to a nearby state park and go for a “hike” along a nature trail. Getting out and away sets the stage for some good connecting and conversation, something especially needed with older kids and teens. You will be surprised how they will open up!

You know all too well how precious your time with your grandkids is; make it count for making memories with them while getting in some exercise at the same time.

Featured photo source: Pixabay.com

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