3 Motivating Reasons to Exercise Every Day

by Barry Hill

You might have seen the title and thought to yourself, “That’s great … if I had the time.” Thinking you’re “too busy” is a common objection that people of any age have with daily exercise – but we’re NOT buying it!

Why? Because we all have excuses against doing the things we don’t enjoy, or at very least, we put them off and procrastinate because we’d rather be doing something else. Another reason to shop around for a sport you enjoy.

“I’ve never come to the end of my table tennis workout and thought, ‘I really don’t have time for this.’ We have made it a priority and love it!”
– Leah Duerksen

“There aren’t any excuses good enough to keep you from living the life you were meant to live—healthy and fit. Your journey will start with a single decision.”
– Zoltan Zsohar (Z)


There are lots of reasons to make an effort to exercise every day. Here are just a few:

1. It’s fun if you make it. Don’t make yourself lift weights at the gym if you find it mind-numbingly boring. If you dread the treadmill, don’t use it. Find something active that you enjoy doing, and incorporate it into your schedule. You should also think outside the box. Fitness isn’t just reached by walking or ‘pumping iron’. You can get there by swimming, cycling, hiking, and even playing games!

2. It will boost your social life. One of our key takeaways is to “socialize your experience for support and enjoyment”. Give your friends grief until they join you in weekly racquetball matches, bug them until they decide to come along for your daily walk – exercise is always more fun if you have someone to smack-talk or gossip with. Plus, the camaraderie will motivate you both to stay focused on fitness together and give you the encouragement and accountability you need to meet your respective goals.

3. It will make your life better. After studying 100s of people living an active, healthy lifestyle, we would be blind not to see how fitness makes everything better. It’s really become our motto! Not only will fitness make your body function better, it will lengthen your years and improve the quality of those years. Fitness helps us age better and feel better along the way. As Greg puts it, “The water tastes better, the girls are prettier, the sky is bluer!”

When you exercise every day – or at least on a regular basis – you are enabling yourself to play harder and longer with your grandkids, to enjoy the company of your loved ones for more years to come, and to live without or with less pain.

What is your reason for consistent exercise? Please share it with Fit After Fifty in the comments section, and share this post with your friends if you think it will help inspire them.

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